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Detox... for your brain?

Nowadays, we are all stressed. Prolonged screen time, lockdowns, and exams are just some of the numerous stressors plaguing our lives. One thing that I found helpful during these stressful times was journaling. From my interview with Gabe, which can be found in the "Student Stories" section, he found a stigma surrounding activities like these as they are deemed to be deviations and abnormalities from expected behavior. Not enough students are journaling daily, and I believe this activity can help reduce stress by cleansing one's mind.

Journalling allowed me to see my life from a different perspective. Ever since I started taking note of what happens in my daily life, I became more grateful and gained a greater sense of control over my life. When I first heard about journaling, I thought it would lead nowhere and that its benefits were not legitimate. Having documented various aspects of my life and the goals I was able to accomplish throughout several months, I witnessed my growth first-hand. Without this documentation, I would not have developed gratitude for how far I have come since the goals I achieved would most likely have been a glossed-over piece of my life. Another benefit I gained from journaling was the epiphany that life is truly a roller coaster of emotions. From recording my most joyful days to ones that seemed dreary and hopeless, I could see exactly how I overcame obstacles, and I realized that it was through these struggles that I saw the most growth. Lastly, another benefit I took from journaling was that I maintained self-discipline and control. By allotting 5-10 minutes each day for this task, I held myself accountable for a small part of the day, which translated into other aspects of my life. For instance, I developed organizational skills by allotting specific amounts of time for homework and extracurricular activities, which helped me complete tasks more efficiently. Overall, as high school students, journaling may seem like a burden or obligation at first; however, the skills one learns, such as recognizing self-improvement and organization, are beneficial during these difficult times.

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